Each year ESN Nantes - Autour du Monde organises the “Journée Interculturelle” (intercultural day) in April. It is the opportunity for international students to promote their country, their language and their culture to the local population of Nantes.

More than twenty booths, each representing a country, are placed inside the “centre des expositions de Nantes”. On this booths you can find typical elements of a country such as food, decoration or documentation, at the same time an activity is offered by the international students. The students are available to talk about their country and their mobility. An area is available for students to express themselves in an artistic and cultural performance (dance, songs or else). A bar is ran by ESN volunteers in order to refresh the taste buds of the visitors after experiencing many dishes.

It is a unique experience for international students to be involved in the local life and allow them to meet people living in Nantes. The visitors also have the opportunity to travel and discover countries they don’t know (much), during the “Journée Interculturelle”.