Erasmus Student Network is a network of local associations which welcome international students, founded in 1989, few years after the first Erasmus mobilities. With the European Commission, these international students created the first local associations (the first one was founded in Utrecht, Netherlands) then by international students for the world thanks to the creation of new mobility programs.

Nowadays ESN is found in more than 40 countries and can be divided in 3 levels:

ESN International is the head of the network, based in Bruxelles, in charge of the problematic of mobility at the European level and of animating international projects of the network (like Social Erasmus, Eduk8, ESNSurvey, etc...)

The National Sections are the head of the local associations in each country, in charge of the problematic of mobility at the national level and of animating the national network composed of Local Sections.

ESN France is the national association for the French network, composed of more than 36 sections in 2018. ESN France animates and develops this network in order to allow local associations to grow and to be equiped in face of the growing number of young people wanting to experience international mobility.